Limassol’s landscape reimagined

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Atterbury Europe’s visionary mall integrates modern retail and heritage in a green landscape.

The vibrant heart of Limassol in Cyprus can look forward to a beautiful transformation. Atterbury Europe, alongside its esteemed investment partners, has embarked on a journey of reimagining not just a modern new retail space, but a cornerstone of community and culture on top of further foreign direct investment into Cyprus. This initiative is rooted in a unified vision to enhance community well-being, celebrate the city’s heritage, and prioritise sustainable development. Read on to discover the dream for the envisioned new Mall of Limassol, a project heralded for its innovative integration of commerce, community, green landscaping and sustainability.

Atterbury Europe’s plan for the proposed Mall of Limassol is driven by a single, powerful vision: To create a space that stands as a beacon of quality of life, sustainable practices, and seamless connectivity. At the heart of this vision is a dedication to enhancing the community’s well-being by fostering a verdant oasis amid an urban landscape. The proposed mall will not only offer a unique family retail experience but will also serve as a landmark of cultural homage and ecological responsibility.

“Creating a space where community, history, and sustainability meet.” – Roux Gerber, Head of Developments, Atterbury Europe

Atterbury Europe, renowned for crafting inviting retail and family experiences, is poised to infuse Limassol, Cyprus, with its innovative approach to a sustainable development. As the Head of Developments in Europe Roux Gerber and Local Project Development Manager Polys Tsiartziazis unveil, the project is a harmonious blend of all forms of retail including luxury and cultural homage, situated on a newly acquired site in the heart of Limassol.

The acquisition of land in Limassol marked the first concrete step towards this ambitious endeavour. The project’s commitment to sustainable development is evidenced by the comprehensive planning and consultation processes it has undergone. To ensure the proposed mall becomes a paragon of sustainable development, independent professional experts have mapped out the project’s social and environmental impact and proposed integration strategies, making sustainability, innovative traffic and parking solutions, and community connectivity the foundational pillars of this endeavour. The proposed development will also participate in agreed and prescribed traffic mitigation measures in the close proximity of the site as responsible and concerned members of the community.

With respect to the status of the application process, Tsiartziazis pointed out that the envisaged development is currently following all the required consultation processes with the various local authorities and departments as specified by the planning permission process. This comes after the submission of the required information and clarification documentation as part of the process to obtain the green light to proceed to the next step in the development process.

The envisioned Mall of Limassol will be a testament to the city’s bright future and rich history and is poised to become a vibrant part of Limassol’s community, offering green spaces and architectural designs that complement the city’s ambiance. The masterplan is a tribute to the city’s heritage, and a green sanctuary within the urban sprawl.

Roux Gerber emphasises the necessity of incorporating green landscape concepts into all future retail projects, especially when surrounded by high density residential developments. “This not only provides quality dwelling time, but also enhances the environment and nurtures a symbiotic relationship within its neighbourhood. The public park that forms part of the proposed Mall of Limassol’s green space, as well as its green buffer zone will link with the mall’s Piazza and Agora concepts to provide a locus to its residential neighbours of visual beauty and greenery.”

The Mall of Limassol’s design features, including the Agora, Public Square, and Food Court, are not mere amenities but integral elements fostering community engagement and enjoyment.

Elements such as the Agora, Public Square, Piazza and Food Court bind the concept together. “An Agora Market Hall that faces the main feeder road, donned in materials reflective of the Limassol Old Town, aims to provide a vibrant platform for local commerce. It will provide a site for local traders in a formal market environment to offer specialised products and services to the community and visitors to Limassol.

“The Public Square offers an inviting entrance to the proposed Mall of Limassol hosting weekend markets and exhibitions while the Piazza and Food Court will cater to gastronomic delights and family entertainment,” Gerber elaborates.

Tsiartziazis also reveals the careful consideration given to Limassol’s traditional architecture and history in the design process, ensuring the mall is not merely a structure but a landmark synonymous with the city’s identity. The blend of modern and traditional aesthetics promises an exceptional addition to Limassol’s skyline, destined to become an integral landmark of the city.


This meticulous approach by Atterbury Europe is set to redefine Limassol’s retail and social landscape, paving the way for a future where community and commerce coexist in a beautifully orchestrated symphony of spaces.